Pan Asianic Hedgemony

= advantages =

  • WEALTH rank 1 (cost 3) $500,000 assets.
  • PERSONAL GEAR rank 1 (cost 2) One major and Four minor.
  • PATRON BENEFITS rank 3 (cost 3) exerts major influence, Organizational Ties cost 3/rank.
  • PET MONSTER rank 7 (cost 42) Ultra Seven.
  • HIGHLY TRAINED rank 1 (cost 1) Knowledge of Ultraman Legacy.

= defects =

  • SKELETON IN THE CLOSET (3 BP) Beta Capsula, alien device that causes the Ultraman transformation.
  • CONDITIONAL OWNERSHIP (3 BP) Severe conditions are imposed on the objects’ ownership and usage.
  • CONFINED MOVEMENT (4 BP) limited to the colony planet of Midgard.
  • NEMESIS (1 BP) Super Grand King, interferes infrequently.

Ultra Seven
He came to our planet after being sent to map the Milky Way, but this planet caught his attention and arrived here, he took the appearance of a brave man and renamed himself as Dan Moroboshi. Ultraseven protected Earth for a long time, but in the end his power was weakening due to the numerous battles he had, he left Earth after his last battle without being able to say good-bye to his team members of the Ultra Garrison. However, at later times he returned to Earth to assist his other brothers-in-arms in catastrophic events, fighting against mighty aliens like Alien Hipporito, Alien Temperor, Yapool and Glozam. He later was revealed to have a son, named Ultraman Zero, who became one of the most skilled Ultras from the Land of Light.

Darkness and Light
Ultraseven was Ultralived by Seiichiro using the Ginga Light Spark to assist Jean Nine in the fight against Super Grand King. However, like the others, he was ultimately defeated despite their immense effort.

Super Grand King
An updated Grand King, known as Super Grand King (??? Supa Gurand Kinggu?), set to appear in episode 10. Here, he is Dark Lived by Alien Nackle Gray and a corrupted Misuzu. As Hikaru/Ultraman Ginga and Tomoya/Jean-nine realize this, Ginga advise Hikaru to telephatically go to Misuzu’s mind to treason with her. At the same time,Hikaru’s remaining friends and Misuzu’s father transform themselves into Ultraman, Ultraseven and Ultraman Tiga. With Jean-nine, they tried their best to hold off Super Grand King but failed due to the Ultras’ time limit of 3 minutes and being shot at by the monster. When Hikaru finally convinces Misuzu to redeem herself, she exits Super Grand King, leaving Nackle Gray alone in charge of it while entering Ultraman Ginga and recharge the Ultra’s Color Timer. Together, they defeat the robot with Ginga Sunshine and finally gain their Spark Dolls.
Super Grand King is the fourth Ultraman Ginga Kaiju to be original to the series.
Super Grand King roar is a mechanically altered Gabora roar.
Super Grand King and Tyrant are the only monsters in the series that were DarkLived by an alien instead of a human, although for a time Alien Nackle had an unwilling human partner.


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