Immortals - Time Again

Mystara Online - Chronicles
The complete story, as best as we can remember it.

2009 Revival (BECMI)
Adventure: 1.1 Your First Adventure (BS) Player’s Book.
Start Date: Vatermont 7th, AC 1000.
NPC: Aleena Halaran, female lawful cleric 3.
NPC: Bargle the Infamous, male chaotic magic-user 5.

The characters get together in Threshold and headed north to search for treasure in the old mines and caves north of the town. Along the way they are ambushed by some hobgoblins on the road. At a nearby farm they are rewarded with a wheel of fresh cheese and place to heal their wounds. After some searching they encountered a goblin lair and met Aleena Halaran, a local cleric hero who is here hunting the wizard Bargle. When the group confronted the wizard they killed him in combat, but Aleena Halaran was killed in the fight. Looking over notes and journals the group learned that this wizard was just a servant of Bargle the Infamous and he was supposed to be gathering a force of goblins in the hills to attack the town of Threshold.

Apalllo, thief 1.
Aleena, cleric 3.

2 hobgoblins = 400,
2 goblins = 270,
1 snake = 600,
4 ghouls = 1,600, (1/4 reward because they were avoided)
1 wizard = 1,200, (1/2 reward because he escaped)
Subtotal = 2,270 / 2 characters = 1,135xp each.

1,600gp of valuables (half donated to Aleena’s Church).

Apallllo, thief 1. [2,128xp]
Aleena, cleric 3. [NPC]


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