Insane Wizard/ Summoner, Bearer of the Cyriptikus


Zell Tienbel (Brian)
Human from Mystara in the “known world” region (Poor Wizard’s Almanac 3)
Wizard 8 (Teleport school)
Summoner 8 (Xaxox – Pseudonatural)

Met Wolf while seeking Rune Magic in the Northern Reaches.
Met Balarek the Merkane among the Frost Giants of the Dwarven Railway.
Found the Cyriptikus in an alien ship beneath the ice.
Balarek produces a treasure map to Ylaruam for money to repair the ship.
Reading from the Cyriptikus during an ocean voyage causes sea to boil.
Explored Nithian ruins in Ylaruam’s Deserts of Desolation.
Recovered the Staff of Rulership and Gem of Mo-Pelar from Amun-Re’s pyramid.
Restored the flow of the River Nithia southward from northern-central Ylaruam.
Blacked out reading the Cyriptikus. Squids rain on Mordriswerg.
Awoke on Bral after an extended bout of insanity. Wolf arrived shortly after.
Began adventuring in Baldur’s Gate on the Forgotten Realms of Faerun.
Followed Portis to the Tomb of Pudjo with Numenera on the Nautiloid.
Defeated the guardian shadow demon of the Tomb with a summon spell dismissal.
Battled the forces of Diablo for weeks at the Horardrim Monastery.
Saw Portis claim the Crown of Leoric tainted with the corruption of sin.
Saw Numenera recover Arkaine’s Valor a Legendary suit of armor.
Left Bral on the Nautiloid with Sven of the Chainmen and the Merkane Balarek.
Travelled the Phlogiston to the flat World of Erde on the Plane of Copalsh.
Defeated the guardian dragon of the Scepter of Might with a prismatic wall.
Saw Portis claim the Scepter of Might. Second piece of the Regalia of Evil.
Explored the World of Erde with the local hero Angus McFife.
Met the Immortal Ranger Daladon and the elves of the southern forest Eldwald.
Confronted by Aristobulus the Mad Immortal at the Tomb Frieden Anhohoe.
Travelled the Dreaming Sea in search of the Immortal Paladin Luther.
Met the Immortal Faun Banawick the brewer celestial Mead of the Dreamlands.
Saw Angus McFife outwit the Guardian of Arator the Holy Sword of Durandal.
Summoned the celestial dragon-knight Sven of Paladine to help cleanse the Cyriptikus.
Was sent to ask the Conundrum Sphinx on the Face of Boe in the Astral Sea.
Returned to Erde and commenced rituals to overcome the Challenge of Xaxox’s Will.
Numanera’s shrines to Ptah are sacked by Lolth’s Drow elves from the Demonweb.
Took the Spidersilk Legacy Drow Chainmail from the priestess Lithara Lolthblessed.
Travelled to Sigil through the Drow portal and met Rule-of-Three at the Styx Oarsman.
Looked into the Celestial Eye at the Tower of the Prophet despite warnings of Archons.
Learned the legacy rituals of Spidersilk from the Jackal Scholars in the Clerk’s Ward.
Travelled the Yggdrasil World Tree and aided Ratatosks against The Branch That Walks.
Visited the Beastlands to recover Thass the Legacy Demonwerecker Longbow.
Saw Aeolid take the legacy bow Thass from the burial site of Forest Hart the great stag.
Visited the Iron Wastes of Rime Thuras where Sven took the Demon-Quelling Sword.
Researched the planes at the Library of the Lady in the the Lady’s Ward.
Travelled to the Demonweb to get Rule-of-Three’s report from Lissondra the drow spy.
Found the Fane of Eclavdra the favored Immortal of Lolth in the Demonweb Pits.
Beheld the Hammer of Lolth and Swarm of Ten-Thousand Spiders as the Lady shakes her Web.



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