Immortals – Time Again

The Wrath of the Immortals has ended. The nations of the Known World are settling into the aftermath of the natural disasters, wars, political upheavals, and worse. In the power struggles of the Immortals many champions were escalated towards Apotheosis. Now a new generation of hopeful Aspirants quest along the paths to Immortality. How many can succeed?

In Averoigne the Holy Inquisition has stormed the palace of the Lady of Sylaire, who fled with Stephen Amber back to Mystara.

On the Isle of Dread the rangers continue to build up their fortifications, but constant attacks from dinosaurs and savages delay their efforts.

Beneath the City of Glantri a portal to the Infernal Realm has been opened at the Chamber of the Nucleus of the Spheres.

Elsewhere in the world, the elves of Alfheim have launched a final assault against the dark elves and the counter invasion has begun.

And in the Halls of Pandius a young Immortal is driven insane by his quest to remake reality with the power of the Sphere of Entropy, instead of the Spheres of Creation. His theories do not go unnoticed by Thanatos, the Immortal Hierarch of Death…

Basic Information

  • Playing: Pathfinder RPG (Core & APG).
  • Game Time: alternate Saturday nights, 6pm – 12am
  • Details: Characters are outcasts from many worlds who have banded together in the quest for Immortal power. A mix of Spelljammer & Planescape.

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Immortals - Time Again

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